Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates

Pavan Duggal Associates is one of the niche law firm who work in the emerging area of cyber security.

The Law Firm specializes in all areas pertaining to reporting cyber crime and prosecuting the cyber crime on behalf of our client.  It also represent clients who are accused of having committed various cyber crimes.

Pavan Duggal Associates is providing legal services to entities on the compliances with the legalities concerning cyber security.  Pavan Duggal Associates assist various companies in ensuring their due diligence for cyber security parameters and also advising them on cyber security readiness capabilities while advising on the legal, policy and regulatory issues pertaining to cyber security.

Pavan Duggal Associates specializes in all emerging areas of Cyber law jurisprudence.  Having specialized in the area of Cyber law, Pavan Duggal Associates advice clients on various issues faced by them in their activities in the digital and mobile ecosystem.  Right from advising clients on electronic contract, their legitimacy, electronic authentication to issues concerning domain names as also issues concerning protection and preservation of sensitive personal data and personally identifiable information which handled and processed by clients to issues concerns the limiting liability of legal entities while dealing with third party data.  Pavan Duggal Associates focuses cutting-edge areas of intersection of law and technology in cyberspace as also in the digital and mobile ecosystem.

Pavan Duggal Associates is India’s niche technology law firm which focuses on intersection of law and technology.  The law firm has contributed to pushing forward the existing jurisprudence on cyber security related legal issues.  Pavan Duggal Associates is a specialist and a boutique law firm which has over the years expanded its scope to variety of emerging legal areas of discipline in the digital and mobile ecosystem.

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