The International Commission on Cyber Security Law recognizes the significance of #cyber #security #law, in the absence of international collaborative efforts on cyber security legalities by various state and non-state actors. In fact, as on date, there are no international treaties on cyber security law. The absence or lack of international governance or regulatory regimes on cyber security have exposed the Internet to various illegal activities and criminal designs. The advent of the darknet has brought new challenges for the world.The Commission works to bridge the gaps in international governance and legal regimes pertaining to cyber security. It works with and provides guidance to the various governments to come up with adequate policies concerning Cyber Security and to help utilize the internet to its maximum capacity.

The activities of the International Commission on Cyber Security Law are as follows:

  • Monitoring and working on emerging, cutting-edge issues pertaining to different aspects of Cyber Security law at a#global level and introducing important learnings and the trends emerging in the context of various topics and sub-subjects of Cyber Security law.
  • Assisting state and non-state actors in their various initiatives towards bilateral and multilateral arrangements and understandings on issues pertaining to protection and preservation of Cyber Security, including Cyber Security law.
  • Conducting workshops, conferences and events on issues and aspects pertaining to Cyber Security law.
  • Engaging with all stakeholders in the Cyber Security ecosystem to provide legal inputs in their existing and proposed Cyber Security initiatives.
  • Collating international best practices pertaining to #Cyber #Security #law and making them available to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Providing a platform for the purposes of discussing various emerging and cutting-edge issues, challenges, aspects and nuances pertaining to Cyber Security law.
  • Providing legal consultancy, legal support and advice to all interested stakeholders on issues and aspects pertaining to Cyber Security law, including to relevant victims of breaches of Cyber Security in terms of effective legal remedies that they have.
  • Penning, collating and publishing research papers on cutting-edge research on Cyber Security law.
  • Tying up with all relevant stakeholders in the #digital and #mobile ecosystem to work on the legalities pertaining to Cyber Security law.
  • Doing all other acts, deeds and things which will be necessary for the purposes of giving effect to its aims and objectives.